Am Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2002 23:00 schrieb Jason Pearce:
> Hi Peter ,
> Have you seen panorama tools By Helmut Dresch???
> There is a plugin for Gimp and photoshop it is free
> and does exactly what you are looking for .
> I use it to create full spherical panoramas out of 3-5 8mm
> fisheye shots.
> it is not the easiest to use but there is plenty of documentation,
> regards
> Jason Pearce

Hi Mr. Pearce

Sorry to say (it`s almost too ridiculous) but i simply didn't see that 
this function already exists in gimp 1.2.2 (transform-tool) . 

But the panorama-tools look very interresting !! 
I'll have a closer look at that.

Thanks for your hint.


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