[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-04-12 at 1217.06 -0400):
> I don't currently have a digital camera.  I use the new Kodak format and for

What Kodak format? Are you talking about typical relfex camera with
35mm film or another thing?

> the developing process I request digitized photos.  I don't now recall the
> size of each photo-file return (via CD) but I think each photo-file is a
> jpeg file under 1 Meg.

And in pixels? That is what really counts... and well, they could give
you too something better than JPEG too (aka something lossless).

> So my real question is should I buy a $200 HP camera at 1.3 Meg pixels or a
> $ 200 HP scanner?

If you can afford the development costs (both negative and a mid/small
size paper copy), the scanner. Also film has better range.

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