Jon Winters wrote:

> Be prepared to lose your text layers... I don't think there is anything in
> the Linux world that can edit a text layer from another application.

That's the show stopper for me then. It's the text layers I need. The 
non text layers don't need to be modified. In that case I'll just redo 
the images in Gimp as .xcf and chalk it up as a learning experience.

> Photoshop .psd files are proprietary as .cdr and .cpt so you'll eventually
> have trouble with them.  Its always advisable to save important files in
> non-proprietary file formats.

Agreed. My entire move to Linux is so I can escape proprietary file 
formats and closed source apps while I still can. A couple more years 
and Microsoft, Corel, et al would have had me completely Borged.

Thanks everyone for your advice.

Warren Post, Voluntario Naciones Unidas
Departamento de Informática
Municipalidad de Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras

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