I'm in the midst of moving from Windows to Linux and from Corel to Gimp. 
Gimp is great, but there is one issue I need help with. I have numerous 
files in CorelDRAW (.cdr) and Corel PhotoPaint (.cpt) formats that I 
need to work with. Since I find no Gimp support for Corel formats I've 
tried first converting the .cdr and .cpt files to Photoshop (.psd) 
format in Corel, and then opening the .psd files in Gimp. This works, 
but the result is a flat image with no objects. It's as if I had 
converted the original image to .jpg instead of .psd.

Is there a way to get Corel files into Gimp and still have objects that 
can be manipulated? If not, can anyone suggest another open source 
application or tool for Linux? This issue is the only reason I still 
have Windows on my computer and I'm anxious to become Linux only.
Warren Post, Voluntario Naciones Unidas
Departamento de Informática
Municipalidad de Santa Rosa de Copán, Honduras

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