Patrick wrote:
> On Wednesday 25 September 2002 19:49, Roland Roberts wrote:
>>>>>>>"gml" == Gracia M Littauer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>    gml> anyone using it? on a linux box?
>>I use it; it works fine with the USB connection, but not at all with
>>the FireWire connection.  I typically use scanimage, but xsane,
>>xscanimage, and vuescan all work fine with it.
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> Roland,
> Have you gotten IScan from Epson for using the 2450 yet?  It is the same 
> thing or better that is over on Windows.  Epson supplies it for free 
> and I use it for most of my scanning with my Perfection 1650 Photo.  It 
> is very nice.  Here is the url if you are interested, there may even be 
> a new version out now.
> I just checked the site though and it is down right now due to 
> compliance with the GPL.  I am sure they will have it going again soon, 
> but in the meantime, if anyone wants or needs the program, I have the 
> last version they distributed and would be happy to upload to you.
> Patrick


I have one too, and have had some problems with it.
I am using it on a Suse 8.0 Pro, and my version of Iscan is 
When I am using it from the acquire/scanning(iscan) menu in the Gimp, 
every things seem to work, but all I get is a blank=empty image.
When I am using it directly it runs just great.
I have been trying with the Xsane (version of Suse 8.0) but the 2450 is 
not in there, so I tryed with another - as far as I remember the 1690 - 
and it resulted in a 'dead' TPU. Epson is luckily very generous, so a 
got a new one instead. No one will say/admit that a 'wrong' driver can 
harm the light unit.

Mogens Jęger

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