>>>>> "Mogens" == Mogens Jæger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Mogens> When I am using it directly it runs just great.  I have
    Mogens> been trying with the Xsane (version of Suse 8.0) but the
    Mogens> 2450 is not in there, so I tryed with another - as far as
    Mogens> I remember the 1690 - and it resulted in a 'dead'
    Mogens> TPU. Epson is luckily very generous, so a got a new one
    Mogens> instead. No one will say/admit that a 'wrong' driver can
    Mogens> harm the light unit.

I'm confused, does iscan work with the 2450 or not?

And it was the 1690 that died on you?

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