from sam ende, Thu, 9 Jan 2003 01:42:19 +0000:

"it seems is a problem with gimp. 
large  images slow down my machine quite a bit, somtimes to the point of 
impractabilty, but they are sizes not so untypical of people who need to make 
prints of their graphics.
now i'm hesitant to recommend gimp to people who i know tend to need print 
quality grapics/pictures, but then perhaps proffesssional graphic artist use 
larger/better machines ?"

When my file gets to be about 100 megs in size, it is hard to get any work 
done. Files up to 25 megs or even 30 megs do fine, without a lot of waiting 
around for things to stabilize. Depends on your system I suppose.

What I have is an Athlon 1200 Mhz Tbird, 768 megs of ram, about 15 gigs of HD 
space to play with. Not real slow but hardly extraordinary.

I've never used a complete version of Photoshop. I stopped using proprietary 
software two or three years ago. Used to use Corel Draw, and can remember 
years ago when a five meg graphic would take an hour to display, and I was 
ecstatic! Ha! Things keep getting better.

I have read that with the larger files Photoshop does seem to have an 
advantage. That, along with the CYMK thing, are what seem to keep it alive.

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