On Thursday 09 January 2003 04:02, Jon Winters wrote:

> How large are your large images?  I can toss 2MB (JPEG) 2560x1920 images
> around all day and my computer doesn't miss a tick.

4000x5 0r 60000, its the layers that make it big, sometimes i have 10 or more 
layers. xcf not jpeg, same image as jpeg is nothing sizewise.

> I consider large images to be 100MB or more and I haven't opened one in
> a long time but I expect it would probably slow my system down.


> My system is a dual 800Mhz PIII with 256MB of SDRAM and a Matrox G400
> video adapter.  (I think the video card has 64MB of memory)

i think you're showing off now :)

> Check the settings on your tile cache.  Mine is set to 128MB and I think
> the default was a woefull 32MB.

cache is set to 256, i wanted to do more but it wouldn't let me, well it 
would but it sorta didn't work anymore then :)
it doesn't like it if you resize  a layer x2 but do x 12 by accident instead 


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