"Khiraly Kalman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Im newbie in gimp-user, but i have some question:
> How can I import the photoshop "spatter" airbrush into GIMP?

Sorry, not everyone is using potatoshop. We might be able to answer if
you could explain what a spatter airbrush is.

> And can anybody explaine how hte function PATH in GIMP1.3 work?
> The path function in gimp1.2 satisfies all my wishes:), and I understand
> good.
> But under 1.3 this is two separated function, I don't know how to
> transform "one" function to "another".(from bezier in path)
> And where are hte buttons: "New point" "add point" "delete point" "edit
> point"??
> (I have essayed gimp1.3.14)

The path tool in 1.3 is under development. The next release will only
have a single path tool which is hopefully easier to understand.

> And the new Text layer for what? What is his advantage?  When I
> modify the text(and i have tranformed before) it will write the
> default text.  And how can I transform the text?(In 1.2 before "the
> anchor layer" I was capable the modify(such as transform, scatch,
> etc, as a selection normal!)

As with the path tool, the text tool is also still under development.
However I did not understand your question. What do you mean when you
say you transformed the text? Are you perhaps referring to
http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=110936  ?

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