On Fri, 2003-05-30 at 12:21, Khiraly Kalman wrote:
> Hi!
> Im newbie in gimp-user, but i have some question:
> How can I import the photoshop "spatter" airbrush into GIMP?
> How can I reproduce this tutorial in GIMP?:
> http://tutorials.dj-designs.com/smoke.htm

You'll have to draw it and save as a .gbr to ~/.gimp-1.3/brushes.
Default installation probably includes a brush called 'Galaxy', that
might be similar? Otherwise experiment with a regular unsharp brush and
try using the dissolve function on it. It will make a nice scattered
brush that might be what you're looking for.

> And can anybody explaine how hte function PATH in GIMP1.3 work?
> The path function in gimp1.2 satisfies all my wishes:), and I understand
> good.
> But under 1.3 this is two separated function, I don't know how to
> transform "one" function to "another".(from bezier in path)
> And where are hte buttons: "New point" "add point" "delete point" "edit
> point"??
> (I have essayed gimp1.3.14)

The bezier curve tool, same thing as path tool really, is under a
rewrite. Don't try to figure it out just yet.

> And the new Text layer for what? What is his advantage? 
> When I modify the text(and i have tranformed before) it will write the
> default text.
> And how can I transform the text?(In 1.2 before "the anchor layer" I was
> capable the modify(such as transform, scatch, etc, as a selection normal!)

The text tool is also not finished yet. You will not however be able to
edit a transformed text for sure when it's finished though. gDyntext
only had a rotation transfomration IIRC. You couldn't have applied a
perspective and have that editable either.

> And it is a bug?:
> http://chocolate.inf.elte.hu/khiraly/linux/gimp13.png
> (I have created a text layer->alpha to selection.-> and a have scaled
> the selection to obtain a transfformed text!)

It's really hard to say what you mean here. The abstract foobar image
gelped a little ;) If you want to scale text, use the text tool
properties, don't scale the rendered result.


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