On 2003-05-30 at 1221.12 +0200, Khiraly Kalman typed this:
> Hi!
> Im newbie in gimp-user, but i have some question:
> How can I import the photoshop "spatter" airbrush into GIMP?
> How can I reproduce this tutorial in GIMP?:
> http://tutorials.dj-designs.com/smoke.htm
one of the Gnome Artists made better smoke, imo.  might be better to ask
him how he did this.



most of the gimp artists use noise for this sort of artwork.  TheGIMP is
still stronger than Photoshop, and the methods that first worked with
gimp still work better, imo.

the gimp artists start with a lot of noise, and then figure out how to
remove that in such a way that only the right noise is left.


Mita" hinta on yo"lta"?
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