> 1. Let's say I have this image I need to rotate precisely by 2.5
> degrees CCW. How I am supposed to do this simple task in Gimp?

Use the transform tool and set its options to rotation, traditional.
Click on the image to initiate a transfrom then type -2.5 into the Angle
field of the Rotation Information dialog before clicking Rotate.

>  2. I still didn't figure out how to quickly create my own patterns
>  (this is a simple procedure in Photoshop).

Save any image you wish to use into your patterns folder with the
extension .pat.  Open the pattern chooser and click Refresh to load the
pattern you have just saved.

> 3. A Distort tool seems to be missing in Gimp. Correct me if I am
> wrong.  Running Gimp 1.2.3 on a Mandrake Linux box.

Take a look at the Filters|Distorts menu, perhaps it contains what you
are looking for.
Steve Crane
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