On Tue, 2003-06-10 at 10:18, johnny wrote:
>  1. Let's say I have this image I need to rotate precisely by 2.5 degrees CCW. How I 
> am supposed to do this simple task in Gimp?

The answer is simple. Use the Transform Tool from the toolbox.

>  2. I still didn't figure out how to quickly create my own patterns (this is a 
> simple procedure in Photoshop).

It is a simple procedure in GIMP as well.

Patterns are saved with the .pat extension. To make the pattern
available from within gimp-1.2 you should save it to one of the pattern
directories (e.g. ~/.gimp-1.2/patterns/ on GNU/Linux)

>  3. A Distort tool seems to be missing in Gimp. Correct me if I am wrong.

Did you check the <Image>/Filters/Distorts/ menu? Not exactly a tool,
but I am not sure what it is exactly you are looking for here...

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