On Sunday 15 June 2003 16:06, Liz Quilty wrote:
>Ahhh! thank you!
>I knew I had used it before I just couldnt find it :/
>Must be monday.
>Liz Q
>On Mon, 2003-06-16 at 07:36, Joćo Carlos Fernandes Pinheiro wrote:
>> Hi! Yes it is. On the main "menu" the second button on the right,
>> counting from top allows you to rotate you image freely.

What version of gimp?  I don't recall running into that.  And there is 
one application where I would love to have the curve generation 
ability of imagemajick available, that of drawing the 4/3rds earth 
curvatures for a microwave radio path, where one must mentally plug 
in the 11 feet per mile curvature when estimating obstruction 
clearances.  None of the mapping utils (such as MapTech for winderz) 
in the sub 1000 dollar area give anything but straight line plots to 
the here to there profile outputs.  And none allow the point to 
points to be elevated above the terrain to simulate a tower of x feet 

The ability to do that curve would no doubt speed up the deployment of 
802-11 stuffs into those rural areas where there isn't x customers 
per square mile to make it profitable and attractive to the VC folks.

>> On Sun, 2003-06-15 at 20:31, Liz Quilty wrote:
>> > Is it possible to rotate an image with gimp 1-2 degrees rather
>> > than only 90 degree angles?
>> > I dont appear to be able to find any options anywhere :/
>> >
>> > LQ
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