On Monday 16 June 2003 08:54, Sven Neumann wrote:
>Gene Heskett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> The popup when the mouse is over it says "rotation, shearing,
>> scaling, perspective".  But I was unable (and the manpage is
>> something like yet to be written for at least 1/2 of those
>> functions) unable to get it out of the rotation mode and into one
>> of the last 3 modes.  How is this done?  I tried the usual
>> suspects of shift clicking and didn't seem to hit the magic
>> twanger on the other functions.
>Double-Click the tool icon in the toolbox to open the tool options
>dialog. You should really have this dialog open all the time in
> order to make use of the full feature-set of The GIMP.
Kewl!  Ok, one other function I need, the ability to draw a straight 
line between two marked points.  So far all I've found is the 
free-hand stuff and these ancient, getting shaky hands no longer run 
a mouse in anything like a straight line.  Is that similarly hidden?

>> Gimp is 1.2.3.
>We improved this in GIMP-1.3. I'm sure you would have found the
>rotation feature in the CVS version of The GIMP.

I may try to build 1.2.5, I see its out for 2-3 days now.  Will it 
build on RH8.0?


Cheers Sven, Gene
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