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> Hi all, 
> I tried compiling 1.3.9 on my RedHat9 system and it couldn't find GLIB
> 2.0 or higher. I do appear to have GLIB in /usr/lib/glib and I'm fairly
> sure it's the latest version.
> Could someone please point me in the right direction?


If you are compiling a development series, it makes very little sense to build
an old one, unless you're testing a performance regression or something like
that (if you are, then great!). But if you aren't, then you should consider
building the later version. Not only is it more likely to be usable for
day-to-day work, it is also the only version of the devel series for which bugs
are considered (by which I mean, if you have a bug you are likely to be asked to
check that it's also present in the latest version). 

In any case, all of the dependencies are detailed in the INSTALL file that came
with your distribution. In brief, for 1.3.17, you will need a working
installation of gtk+ (with development headers installed), including the
freetype2 back-end to pango (for the text tool, you will need pangoft2, and
fontconfig). In addition, you will need development headers for png, tiff and
jpeg libraries, and if you don't want to install gimp-print, you need to say so
explicitly by compiling with --disable-print. Everything you need to get gtk+
going, if it isn't already (which it is if you're on RedHat 9) is available at
ftp.gnome.org and freedesktop.org.

That said, all that you probably need to do is install the -devel packages for
the already-present gtk+ packages.

Oh - also, note that 1.3.9 might not work with gtk+ 2.2 - back then we were
still building against 2.0.

Good luck!


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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