Nick Wilson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> * and then Sven Neumann declared....
> > > I was following this tutorial:
> > > http://www.obscurasite.com/artstuff/tutorials/gimp-text-outline/
> > 
> > I suggest you update to 1.3.21 first. This version introduces a much
> Hmmm.. tried but no joy. Can't seem to get fontconfig 2.2 installed...

Let us know what problems you had exactly and we will try to help you.
However it shouldn't be necessary to install fontconfig from source,
there should be binary packages for all major distributions.
> > nicer way of stoking based on libart2. What I suggest you do is to
> > create paths from the text object (there's a button in the text tool
> > options). Then on an empty layer above the text layer, invoke
> > "Edit->Stroke Path" and choose a suitable stroke width.
> Well, I tried your solution and it's undoubtably a more elegant
> approach but I still get the same result.

You can hardly try my suggestion if you didn't update to 1.3.21.
The version you are using doesn't have the new stroking yet (see

> Could there be somting wrong with my brushes? - Seems that whatever
> I chose I get this thick default...?

Perhaps you could describe how you are selecting the brush. You are
setting the brush in the paint tool, aren't you? The paintbrush is
active while you are stroking?


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