On Wed, 2003-10-22 at 15:43, Nick Wilson wrote:
> * and then [EMAIL PROTECTED] declared....
> > It sounds like the size of the brush you're using is too large.   What is
> > the size of the brush you're using?
> I was using a 1x1 or a 3x3 but they're all coming out the same.... 

This is a bit late, sorry for that. 1.3.20 introduced this neat
"feature" to stroke a selection always in the same size, no matter what
brush size you chose. It work all the way up to version 1.3.19
correctly, meaning it used the brush size you had choosed.
But as said in the other replys, you gotta get 1.3.21. The new libart2
based stroking really rocks!

So, thanks to the developers for this. Now that it's in there, I don't
know how I ever managed without it.


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