Perhaps a philosophical question/arguement. Using gimp2.0Pre3, visibility 
changes are added to the undo history. I like to use my visibility (the 
eyeball) to blink back and forth to see if I like the change, however this 
eats up my undo history. Shouldn't visibility be kept out of the undo history? 
Visibility has a built in undo - the eyeball, so why eat into the valuable 
undo history?

I commented out gimpitem.c lines (1028, 1029)

//          if (gimage)
//            gimp_image_undo_push_item_visibility (gimage, NULL, item);

This seems to do it. I was going to try to code up a real solution but could 
not find the "preferences" module. We could make this a user settable option:
VIS_UNDO == Visibility Added to Undo Stack: Yes/No

          if (gimage && VIS_UNDO)
            gimp_image_undo_push_item_visibility (gimage, NULL, item);

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