Timothy Jedlicka bonzopad <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Perhaps a philosophical question/arguement. Using gimp2.0Pre3,
> visibility changes are added to the undo history. I like to use my
> visibility (the eyeball) to blink back and forth to see if I like
> the change, however this eats up my undo history. Shouldn't
> visibility be kept out of the undo history?  Visibility has a built
> in undo - the eyeball, so why eat into the valuable undo history?

It doesn't eat much of your valuable undo history. In gimp-2.0 the
undo stack has two limits. There is the minimum number of undo levels
you want to keep and there's also a size limit. As long as you don't
exceed the size limit, no undo operation is taken from the undo stack,
even it the number of undo levels is exceeded. Since a visibility
change only takes a few bytes of undo memory, you can change
visibility a lot without discarding undo steps.

Changing the visibility of a drawable is a change to the image. We
follow the philosophy that any change to the image must set the
image's dirty flag and must be undoable.

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