I'm in the process of updating my scripts to 2.0. In this respect, I've
got several question regarding the PDB.

First of all, is there any documentation that would list the changes to
the pdb between 1.2.5 and 2.0 ? I realise that may be too many for such
a list to have been produced.

Secondly, I like to use constant names instead of numeric values (such
as EXPAND-AS-NECESSARY) as it makes the script clearer. I've noticed
that the name of such constants have changed in 2.0 (now
GIMP-EXPAND-AS-NECESSARY) but don't seem to be implemented (unbound
variable error returned). Is it normal and is it going to change in the
near future ?

Finally, one of my script use the gimp-path-get-point-at-dist function.
I get a "Gimp-PDB-WARNING **: FIXME: path_get_point_at_dist() is
unimplemented" when calling it. I've searched bugzilla and the
gimp-developper archive but could not find anything on it. Is it going
to be implemented ? Or is there any other way to get points on a path ?



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