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> First of all, is there any documentation that would list the changes to
> the pdb between 1.2.5 and 2.0 ? I realise that may be too many for such
> a list to have been produced.

Have a look at the gimpcompat.h header. Basically it provides such a
> Secondly, I like to use constant names instead of numeric values (such
> as EXPAND-AS-NECESSARY) as it makes the script clearer. I've noticed
> that the name of such constants have changed in 2.0 (now
> GIMP-EXPAND-AS-NECESSARY) but don't seem to be implemented (unbound
> variable error returned). Is it normal and is it going to change in the
> near future ?

When used from Script-Fu, the constant is still being called
EXPAND-AS-NECESSARY; no such change has happened.

> Finally, one of my script use the gimp-path-get-point-at-dist
> function.  I get a "Gimp-PDB-WARNING **: FIXME:
> path_get_point_at_dist() is unimplemented" when calling it. I've
> searched bugzilla and the gimp-developper archive but could not find
> anything on it. Is it going to be implemented ? Or is there any
> other way to get points on a path ?

Could you please file a bug-report for this issue?

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