On Sat, Mar 20, 2004 at 12:20:06PM -0500, John Culleton wrote:
> 1. We don't have directions for including XSane in the new 
> Gimp. 
this is up to the XSane people.  gimp developers have nothing to do with
it.  however, one of them hacked it in about 10 minutes but out of
respect for the sane people does not commit it.

they probably have their reasons -- if you discover those reasons please
let us know on this list.

> 3. The text tool is different. Before when I used it I got a 
> dialog that showed me a bunch of typefaces, allowed me to 
> select a face and a size, and allowed me to type in a text 
> string for pasting in my image.  Now I get a dialog that 
> only allows me to import text from a file. I don't know how 
> to resize the text, change the font etc. 
this is a big change in TheGIMP.  The tools now work through the Tool
Options dialog.  Double click on the tool button and a dockable dialog
should appear.  it is confusing because the same old shortcuts located
at the bottom of the toolbox do not "work".  they wanted to remove them
from the toolbox even.

for gradients and palettes; you have to make a copy and then edit that
(last i checked) which is while not intuitive in the classic gimp ways
at least logical after you start to work with this new tool way.

truthfully, i still look under images for color things and click on the
brush icon on the toolbox first and then have to start it all over using
the new way.

if you are like me, this new way will be mildly irritating even after
you see the sense in it.


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