John Culleton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Would someone in community be kind enough to look at and 
> hopefully address items 2 and 3 below?
> > 2. The dialog for writing a PostScript file still resets
> > to the wrong (for me) values, and I don't know how to set
> > them permanently. I want no offsets, inches instead of
> > cm, and encapsulated Postscript.

Plug-in defaults are planned but not for 2.0 and it's even unlikely to
appear in 2.2. A quick search on bugzilla would have revealed this to

> > 3. The text tool is different. Before when I used it I
> > got a dialog that showed me a bunch of typefaces, allowed
> > me to select a face and a size, and allowed me to type in
> > a text string for pasting in my image.  Now I get a
> > dialog that only allows me to import text from a file. I
> > don't know how to resize the text, change the font etc.
> >
> > Any hints on the above?

Use the text tool options. By default they appear right under the
toolbox. If you put them somewhere else, a double-click on the tool
icon should should raise them.


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