"Peter L. Hurd" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I want to put text in a circle, but with the top and bottom halves of
> the circle both reading from left to right.  The top half is easy to do
> with the Xtns -> Script-Fu -> Logos -> Text Circle and a 180 degree arc
> of text, so far so good.
> The bottom half is more problematic, since the focus of the arc of text
> has to be above, rather than below the text.  In a perfect world I'd
> just set a negative value for radius...
> I'm getting the creepy feeling Text Circle can't do what I need, any
> ideas?

You could try to modify the script. Allowing a negative radius seems
like good idea. Or perhaps a boolean value represented with a toggle
would be more intuitive.

In case you or someone else gets this working, it would be nice to see
the changed script being posted here. We might want to include the
change in the script shipped with The GIMP.


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