On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 01:36:49PM -0500, John Culleton wrote:
> I recognize that Gimp is web-centric, and that enhanced 
> prepress capabilities are somewhere in the future. However 
> some of us do use Gimp for images ending up on the printed 
> page. And critics of Gimp and Open Source software in 
> general jump on prepress issues as a point of criticism. 
> In addition to CMYK the issue of ICC color profiles has been 
> raised.  Photoshop offers several profiles for e.g., coated 
> paper, uncoated paper and so on. It is clumsy to develop in 
> Gimp, and then transfer to Photoshop just for profiling. 
> What are the prospects of doing something in this area? Is 
> any of it on the agenda?

i am not certain what all color profiling needs.  i have been following
lcms mail list and still do not understand it.

i have been able to use gimp and templates to make web pages and i have
planned to make LaTeX pages, however my time seems to be almost up.

carol.gimp.org is down right now -- for whatever reason, but i put a
screenshot of a color dialog that has appeared in the new gimp.  i am
not certain if it meets your needs, but i would be curious to know how
it fails to.


the way to get this dialog in your gimp would be via the dialogs menu;
it is called "Colors".  as you can see from my screenshot, it is

truthfully, if you can print an html template you can easily print a
LaTeX document.  if you would be interested in seeing my scripts
(python) send me a note and i will provide them for you.


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