Colormanagement is something needed if you want to process digital photography. You need along the whole process to know in which colour space you are working and to work with calibrated devices. Without a proper colormanagement, your photos on the screen will never have the same colours you see when you get them, and the prints you will get (with your inkjet printer, a minilab or any process) will never have the same colours you have seen (and adjusted) with the picture processing tool.

You can read some basics about colormanagement in the following paper:


                        - Jean-Luc

Le 23.03.2004 20:26, Carol Spears a Úcritá:
On Tue, Mar 23, 2004 at 01:36:49PM -0500, John Culleton wrote:
I recognize that Gimp is web-centric, and that enhanced
prepress capabilities are somewhere in the future. However
some of us do use Gimp for images ending up on the printed
page. And critics of Gimp and Open Source software in
general jump on prepress issues as a point of criticism.

In addition to CMYK the issue of ICC color profiles has been
raised.  Photoshop offers several profiles for e.g., coated
paper, uncoated paper and so on. It is clumsy to develop in
Gimp, and then transfer to Photoshop just for profiling.
What are the prospects of doing something in this area? Is
any of it on the agenda?

i am not certain what all color profiling needs. i have been following
lcms mail list and still do not understand it.

i have been able to use gimp and templates to make web pages and i have
planned to make LaTeX pages, however my time seems to be almost up.

carol.gimp.org is down right now -- for whatever reason, but i put a
screenshot of a color dialog that has appeared in the new gimp.  i am
not certain if it meets your needs, but i would be curious to know how
it fails to.


the way to get this dialog in your gimp would be via the dialogs menu;
it is called "Colors".  as you can see from my screenshot, it is

truthfully, if you can print an html template you can easily print a
LaTeX document.  if you would be interested in seeing my scripts
(python) send me a note and i will provide them for you.


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