In my recent experience, ICC (or ICM or both?) profiles are included with a
lot of newer hardware, and/or they can be downloaded from the manufacturer's
web sites.  That seems to be increasingly prevelant, at least as far as
devices with Windows support are concerned.  I don't know much about these
profiles, but it appears that these can be used across multiple
applications.  Under Windows, files with .icc and .icm extensions are
normally installed under the %windir%\system32\spool\drivers\color
directory.  Right now, there are about 50 of those files installed on one of
my machines, including a significant number that appear to be for hardware
that I don't even own.

My first conclusion is that a signifcant number of color profiles appear to
now be either included with hardware (such as monitors, scanners, and
printers), included with various applications (e.g Corel Draw), and/or
included with the Windows OS.  My second conclusion is that it seems
reasonable that the Gimp *might* be able to use these, since they don't
appear to be application-specific.  However, I don't know anything about the
format or content of those files, nor how to go about selecting and using
the profile that is appropriate for a particular device.  So, I don't know
whether these same files might be usable under Linux for example, nor how
difficult it might be to enable use of them from the gimp.  Mainly I just
wanted to offer these observations in case they might be applicable to the
availability issue.


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> David Burren wrote:
> > and need to be reprofiled regularly.  Good print labs profile their
> > devices and provide the profiles to their clients.
> > It's not up to the Gimp to generate profiles, it's up to the Gimp
> > to use them.
> My gf used to work for a large prepress company.  They spent a lot of
> generating and validating matching profiles, and they're not going to just
> them to anyone.  If you want them, you pay for them.
> That's where the trade secret law comes in.
> Kelly
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