Kelly Martin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> My gf used to work for a large prepress company.  They spent a
> lot of money generating and validating matching profiles, and
> they're not going to just give them to anyone.  If you want them,
> you pay for them.

This is silly.  The profiles would be for their specific machines,
and would be useless with anyone else's (even with the same make
hardware, as the knobs and dials would probably not be in "standard"
positions).  The choice of ink and paper stock are also factors.
I'm not saying the prepress company wouldn't do it, just that I
think it would be a completely silly reason for not supplying the
target profile.

Even if they did not want to provide the final profiles, if they
want any chance of supporting a digital colour-managed workflow
they would have to accept files tagged with other profiles (e.g.
AdobeRGB, sRGB, ProPhotoRGB, various CMYK colour spaces, etc) and
do the conversion in-house.

One of the labs I deal with has its own intermediate colour space
that it gets us to convert to, so internally they can manage the
choice of printer/paper/etc for each job and update the target
profiles whenever they calibrate the machines (without having to
send them out to all the clients).

Those intermediate colour spaces should be available to the Gimp
(although there _are_ copyright considerations with the profiles).
The format of these ICC profiles is defined in a standard, and the
lcms library already knows how to deal with them.

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