[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-03-31 at 2350.03 +0200):
> > Let try sorter: the question was "do you consider global gamma
> > adjustment useful at all?" and the reply was "yes, not only useful
> > but a basic".
> Well, I sortof find it distracting to have the user interface gamma
> corrected. If I set a reasonable gamma value on my X server, things
> look washed out and pale. Is that really desirable?

Some time ago I had the same problem than you: I went from default
config (or lack of it) to something reasonable (or at least try). Yes,
of course, my interface changed at first, so I compensated it but did
not go back to unconfigured state. Since, when I have changed video
card or monitor, I just had to check their settings, not change the
interface all over again. That is what makes it desirable, two
properly adjusted hardware sets will give a similar look.

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