[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2004-04-01 at 0908.53 +1000):
> Xfree86 implements LUT manipulation through a X extension, but only
> allows you to set a gamma for red, green, and blue (it generates
> the LUT values internally).  The basic commandline interface to
> this is xgamma, and KDE/etc have added their own versions.

I got in IRC a small code snipet that allows full modification, it
inverts the colours so I think it should be possible to load any other
curve you can think of, if it is per channel.
> The "standard monitor" that is modelled by the sRGB colour space
> (which is meant to describe the "average" [well-adjusted] PC monitor,
> and is specified as the default colour space of the web) happens
> to have a gamma of 2.2 (as well as a white colour of 6500K and a
> bunch of other details).

Most monitors I have found were not 2.2. Only last one is 2.2, and
when sRGB preset. This "small detail" is what I think has caused lots
of problems, people knew their monitor was designed to be pluged in a
50Hz socket, or 60, or auto select among both, but not what colour
config was provided by it and the video card (and probably do not
understand it anyway).
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