Le 04.04.2004 17:35, Khiraly a écrit :

I have buyed a Wacom intuos2 tablet. Where can I found any
for using with gimp? Im interesting on pressure sensitive(0-1024), and
the tilt. Thanks in advance!

I've a Graphire2, basically, it is the same behaviour, even if I've not the tilt ;-)

Go to File -> Preferences -> Input Devices
Click Configure Extended input Devices
You have a list with Stylus / Eraser / Pointer and you can choose for each of them Disabled, Screen or Window
(I suggest Screen)

Then you can choose the Axes... The default values should be fine.
With my Graphire, I've the pressure working.

                - Jean-Luc

(At presence it work just like a mouse pointer.)


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