2004-04-04, v keltezéssel 19:20-kor Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) ezt írta:
> I've a Graphire2, basically, it is the same behaviour, even if I've not  
> the tilt ;-)
I have read at the web, that gimp1.x doesn't support the tilt feature. 
I dont know that gimp2.0 does it.(It not seems to work)

Otherwise thanks to the instructions ... The pressure seems to work.

I have another problems using the wacom tablet:
Can I configure the buttons of pen and mouse? 

And can I change the resolution of my tablet? This is my biggest
I have bought an A4 oversize. This is a big tablet(i had an excellent
price for it).

So my system(And so gimp too) had matched my screen(1024*768) to my
tablet active area(300mm*300mm), so it would be great to change the
tablet-resolution. At the moment is it a bit uncomfortable, that I have
to move the pen a lot to get a minor movement of the cursor on the

At the end: I have at the top of my tablet some ,,menu area'' It is
useable with gimp?

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>               - Jean-Luc

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