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Khiraly <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I have read at the web, that gimp1.x doesn't support the tilt feature. I dont know that gimp2.0 does it.(It not seems to work)

The ink tool uses the tilt information and it did this in gimp-1.2 already.

I use an Intuos tablet with GIMP 1.2 (I've got GIMP 2.0 on different machines). GIMP reads the tilt information with both the ink pad and for image pipes. Some early Wacom X drivers mistranslated the tilt information, but those drivers were fixed years ago.

It's important to note that tilt records the angle of the pen in respect to the tablet. For instance, if you hold the pen perpendicular to the tablet, that is a 90 degree tilt. If you hold the pen almost parallel, like you might if you were drawing with charcoal, that's almost a 0 degree tilt.

But, for instance, if you rolled the stylus in your hands without changing the grip, the tilt doesn't change.

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