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Thanks everybody for some great advice and ideas.


> David A Iacobellis e-mailed me on Mon May  3 14:51:55 2004
> (Re: "[Gimp-user] picture orientation")
> >I recently purchased a Nikon D70 camera.  After getting the camera I
> > upgraded GIMP to 2.0.1.  When I take a picture with the camera oriented
> > horizontal I have no problems.  When I take a picture with the camera
> > oriented vertical I have discovered a puzzling glitch.
> >
> >The camera automatically orients vertical photos vertical on the built in
> >viewer for quick viewing instead of horizontal.  After downloading the
> > images to my computer kuickshow will also automatically orient the
> > untouched vertical photos vertical.  If I open the vertical photos in
> > GIMP the photos are horizontal (as they should be).  I went ahead and
> > rotated a couple of the images to get them vertical in GIMP and saved
> > them.  Now in kuickshow the GIMP modified vertical photos are horizontal
> > in the opposite direction.
> >
> >What causes the camera and kuickshow to automatically orient the vertical
> >photos and is there anyway to get GIMP to do the same or get kuickshow to
> >stop doing it?
> There is an EXIF tag that describes the orientation of the photo.  When you
> open/rotate/save in the Gimp, it does *NOT* modify this EXIF header, so
> kuickshow is re-rotating it (as it thinks it needs to, since the
> Orientation tag is still in the EXIF header).
> Get "jhead" which has a nice option to remove the EXIF orientation tag
> (-norot).  Also, you should use "jpegtran" to rotate your image - not the
> Gimp (as loading it, rotating it, and then saving it will reduce the
> quality - jpegtran can rotate it with no loss).
> jpegtran comes with the JPEG library
> jhead is available here:  http://www.sentex.net/~mwandel/jhead/
> Actually, jhead can call "jpegtran" for you, so you may just want to do
> this once you transfer images from your camera:
> for i in *.jpg
> do
>   jhead -autorot -norot $i
> done
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