David A Iacobellis wrote:
> What causes the camera and kuickshow to automatically orient the vertical 
> photos and is there anyway to get GIMP to do the same or get kuickshow to 
> stop doing it?

When you take photos and set the orientation (horizontal or
vertical) in your camera, that information is saved in the exif
header in the image file. Then when your viewing application
opens this file, they read that header and rotate the image
appropriately for viewing.

When you open the image in the GIMP, that information is not used
before presenting the image. And when you rotate the image, the
exif header is not modified. So when you save your jpg again, the
same exif header (saying that the image should be rotated 90
degrees) is saved with the image.

Then when you open the image in your viewer, the image which you
rotated is again automatically rotated by your viewer, 90
degrees. Which you don't want.

The only way to avoid this problem currently is to destroy the
exif data saved in the header of your file. That way, your image
viewer will not do any automatic adjustments based on it.

The better long-term solution would be to either (1) have the
image loading affected in the GIMP by this header, or (2)
over-write this setting at write time, so that what you save in
the GIMP is what you see everywhere else.

Neither of these are currently possible in the GIMP.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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