On Mon 03-May-2004 at 23:01 +0200, David Neary wrote:
> When you open the image in the GIMP, that information is not used
> before presenting the image. And when you rotate the image, the
> exif header is not modified. So when you save your jpg again, the
> same exif header (saying that the image should be rotated 90
> degrees) is saved with the image.

> The only way to avoid this problem currently is to destroy the
> exif data saved in the header of your file. That way, your image
> viewer will not do any automatic adjustments based on it.

Photomolo/exifiron is a tool that can be used to batch rotate JPEGs
so they match the orientation data in the EXIF header:


The transformation is lossless like jpegtran.

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