I'm having a little problem with GIMP 2.0.0 running on KDE.  I know
there is a later version of GIMP but I think that this may just be a
case of GIMP and KDE not interacting well and there may be a setting
(probably in KDE) that will correct it.

I use the rectangular selection tool in fixed aspect ration mode to
select areas for cropping.  After I make the selection I sometimes need
to move it slightly.  As the Alt key appears to be bound to the window
manager I use Alt-Shift to allow me to drag the selection boundary.  I
used to do this before with GIMP 1.2.3 on a previous KDE version with no
trouble.  However it now causes the keyboard to go into a weird state
where key presses cause a beep and do not register.  If you hold the key
depressed for a little longer than usual it does register the key press
and does not trigger key repeat unless you hold it even longer.

Once the keyboard is in this state I have found no way to get out of it
although I'm sure there must be one.  Does anyone know?  The only way I
have been able to reset it is to log off, thereby restarting X.  This is
inconvenient and costs me money as it means I have to drop an reconnect
my dial-up Internet connection for which I have a fixed maximum per call

Does anyone know why this is happening and more importantly if it is due
to some setting in either GIMP or KDE being misconfigured?  Strangely it
does not seem to happen with every use of Alt-Shift but I have not been
able to work out any specific pattern.

Steve Crane
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