On Wednesday 23 June 2004 19:15, Owen Cook wrote:

> I have 2.0.2 , Mdk10 with the latest KDE and cannot replicate your
> problem. However, I do have other problems with KDE and have now
> switched to Icewm where "all my problems" have disappeared!
> So I wonder if you try another window manager and see what happens?
> I have found that when I got a lock up like you, my escape route
> was to Alt+Ctrl+F8 which dropped me into a console. That at least
> allowed me to continue some background processes thought iirc
> killall X and restart didn't get me back(nor did Alt+F7), maybe do
> some experiments without your dial-up connection.


I sometimes get tired of all this anti-kdecism around the web. The 
stuff is just good, and all it takes is to use a plain GUI to change 
the behaviour of the alt key.

I know it was not your intention here, but I had t o reply lest anyone 
quote you for anti-KDE FUD.

> Owen
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