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You are correct that Nautilus is a file manager for Gnome. I have it installed and just played around with it. It shows thumbnails for neither xcf files nor tif.bz2 files, even though I have created thumbnails for those images in Gimp via the "open file" dialogue box.

But you say this works on your system??  So I wonder what could be the
difference . . .

I am using kde 3.2.3 and ML 10.0. I have a sub directory called "family" that has 85 files consisiting of jpg and xcf files. All but three showed thumbnails. 2 xcf and 1 jpg file did not. Why I have no idea. I also have a .xvpics subdirectory in this "family" subdirectory that has jpg and xcf files. Where it came from or what it is supposed to do I have no idea. Nautilus said the files were of an unknown format.

Sorry I could not be of furthur help. My knowledge is limited to trial and error.

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