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> I must respectfully disagree, as a GIMP user, I am most definitely
> interested in the reason for the change.  It may be that I am a
> developer as well, that prompts me to want to know, but the bottom
> line is, any time a change is made that seems to be less intuitive
> (to me), I'm going to wonder and inquire why the change was made.

Well, the answer has been given here multiple times already. You did
read the relevant threads that have been linked from this thread as
well as the design spec that I mentioned yesterday? The answer is in

So much for the reasoning behind the design of the GtkFileChooser. The
reasons for us to switch to the new widget are that one of the major
complaints about GIMP 1.2 and GIMP 2.0 was the horrible file selection
dialog. The horrible API of the old widget is another reason to
abandon it. We believe that the new dialog is an improvement. It works
more like what people are used to from other desktop environments and
due to the modular nature of the underlying GtkFileSystem it also
(potentially) integrates better with whatever desktop you are
using. There are a couple of issues with the new dialog but certainly
less than there have been with the old one. Some of these issues can
and will be fixed in GIMP (for example automatic preview generation),
others can (and perhaps will) be fixed at the GTK+ level. Whether the
GTK+ developers decide to accept any changes largely depends on the
way that they are addressed. Constant bitching will make it very
unlikely that any volunteer will want to spend time on this.

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