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> Editing fonts doesn't belong to a designer.
> I can't fix my 2000 fonts. Think, I get a work,
> start on it, meanwhile appears a font problem.
> There is no time and possibility to fix it.
> Just a little hint:
> there can be a text file, from gimp can 
> get the pair corrections by pairs. When I run 
> into a bad pair, I just take a new entry to it.
> It is fast and simple, and at first it doesn't need 
> any gui. (By default, there can be an empty file, 
> so filling this table doesn't mean any work to a developer, 
> it can be only a framework).

Editing that text file is not going to be any easier or faster than
editing the font using the tool I showed you.  GIMP is not going to
provide ways to fix your fonts since there are tools available for
this job and GIMP is not a font editor.

What GIMP is going to provide (one day) is ways to adjust letter
spacing. You can then "fix" the kerning whereever you think it is
wrong. We are however not going to write that info back to the font.

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