Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> the most reliable "Copy Visible" for me has always been and will
> continue to be this:
>   <Image> -->Image -->Merge Visible Layers (think about those options
>       that you are presented, depending on what you need from this
>       special layer each of them are useful)
>   <Image> -->Edit -->Copy
>   <Image> -->Edit -->Undo
> this gives you just as much as the original Copy Visible script did.

This is basically what the Copy Visible script is doing. Well, more
precisely what it does is:

1. Duplicate the image
2. Merge Visible Layers
3. Copy
4. Delete the duplicate

> the original script was written in perl.  perhaps installing perl will
> also fix your problems with the current script.  i havent investigated
> this yet.  what you find confusing is a script-fu that some guy took
> about 2 minutes to write one evening on #gimp.  he said it was two
> lines.

I don't even remember a perl version of this script. Are you certain
that one exists?

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