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Simon Budig <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I frequently use CTRL-L to bring the layers tab to the front, it is a
handy shortcut.

Of course it is a very useful shortcut and I use it a lot myself.
However if we want to try to coexist peacefully with other
applications, it would make sense to respect the fact that Ctrl-L is a
standard keybinding that should be bound to "Open Location" in all
applications. The question is thus if we can find a different
keybinding for the Layers dialog.

Well, rarely use keybindings. That being said, I can see the need to 'coexist,' but I really have a hard time understanding 'Open Location.' It sounds like I'm trying to open a web page. Personally, I open files.
So, what other packages use this binding?

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