On Wednesday 10 November 2004 06:44, Carol Spears wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 09, 2004 at 03:44:52PM -0800, Barton Bosch wrote:
> > What are the best ways to take an image of a straight line and
> > bend it into an s-curve with The GIMP?  I have tried the
> > perspective and shear tools as well as the distort->curve bend
> > filter without producing an ideal result.
In a word: iwarp .

Search for the iwarp filter in the Distorts menu - that is your man.

> i have had limited success with Filters -->Map -->Map Object.

Heh...I gave a lecture on the GIMP yesterday. Just I had a  computer 
and about 50 people watching - I will never forget their faces when I 
hit map to object -> map to box, and it started rendering in a way 
that would take about 2 minutes to complete, and, in the mean time, I 
just went on using the program, showing the other filters in the 
menus, as if the program were idle!!!!

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