On Fri, Nov 12, 2004 at 09:15:33PM -0500, Richard wrote:
> Okay, Thanks to all.
> Filters->Colors->Decompose
> Found LAB, and did the delete A&B to get the Light Channel,
> Q. Since the original image was a Color / Infrared shot (digital)
> would the best was to get all the detail of Gray/IR is using Decompose?
> After applying auto levels, you have gray scale.
that should not have happened.  auto levels on a color image does not
yeild a grayscale unless you started with one.  i am fairly sure about

> My understanding is that going to Gray scale by itself, you lose 16bit to 
> 8bit.
> So, Decompose would be better?
decompose gives a grayscale, it just gives a smarter one than desaturate
or changing the mode alone.


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