On Mon, Nov 15, 2004 at 02:41:49PM -0700, Scott Binns wrote:
> So, my question now is, how do I build the plugin?  What
> configuration/tools do I need, and what steps to I follow to get the .exe?
if i remember correctly, you are asking for the gimptool.  i get this
everytime i build gimp from the source code.

this is a complete guess as for the reason that the gimp binaries for
other apps do not include the gimptool.  in order to use the gimptool,
you need to be able to build it.  looking past that self-definition
part, it needs to have certain software building tools available to it.
this sort of dependency and installation would make gimp never get
installed on computers like windows that use only binaries.  even the
linux people need to install that same software building stuff to get a

so here is the thing.  since this plug-in uses the tools to build
software that you need to build the gimp with anyways, the only way to
get it is to build your own.

does that make sense?

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