Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Matthias Julius <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [11-22-04 19:18]:

I know 'man lpr'.  It says:

-C name
    Sets the job name.

But how can I get gimp to include the file name in the print command
after the -C?

Are you trying to print from a gimp image -> File -> Print ?
If so, set the print dialogue screen to your printer via the drop down
box and print direct from gimp.  You do not need to worry about -C name.
I have an Epson sp925photo and the print-command which gimp selects
for my printer is:  lp -s -desp925gp -oraw

If this is *not* what you are trying to do, please explain further.

He wants to set the job name via -C:

From man lpr:

 -C name        Sets the job name.

Until later, Geoffrey
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