On Tuesday 23 November 2004 11:45, John Culleton wrote:
> I note that the newest version of Gimp will allow for vector layers
> in some way. This is a very positive step. But I haven't heard
> about CMYK color model lately. Since my major use is in preparing
> materials for print this would not be a step but a leap forward.
> Are there plans for anything new on the CMYK front?  Ideally (for
> printers) Gimp would output a postscript or even a pdf file using
> vectors instead of bitmaps and with colors expressed in cmyk terms.
> Is such a capability on the drawing board yet?

The CMYK color modle shall be made available when the GIMP gets 
integrated with GEGL - "GEneric Graphics Library" - a project started 
by the Gimp developers themselves to more or less become the Gimp 
core. Them we will have 16bit and floating point color depths, and 

Unfortunattely, GEGL is a bit late. 
What is actually needed for professional pritners is not CMYK, though, 
but color profiling. There is some rough support for color profiling 
already, and the panas are to make it a lot better for GIMP 2.4 - 
which will be the other (not the very soom stable, which will be 2.2) 
stable GIMP.

As for postscript output - if you want vector output, you probably are 
looking at the wrong software. There are inkscape and sodipody which 
work with vector graphics.

I had implemented a script to output GIMP paths to postscript tough. 
Due to limitations on the vectors API on gimp 2.0, and gimp 2.2 it 
will not work with all vectors, but can work with vectors with closed 
componnents only. I did it because from time to time I hand craft 
some postscript apps, and this was a nice way to get drawings into my 
own postscripts.

You will find this script at:
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