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Selon Kevin Myers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I *completely* disagree with Jozsef regarding elimination of the
> transformation dialogues that allow numeric input.  While these dialog boxes
> may not be very useful in Jozsef's workflow, they are *extremely* useful in
> mine, where graphics objects and images must be sized to exact numeric
> specifications, not according to how they "look".  In fact the gimp would be
> almost completely useless for my purposes without these dialogs.  Whether
> Jozsef's suggestion of a single transformation box could be practical for
> all of these, I can't say.

At best, these inputs belong in the tool options. At worst, they're internal
details exposed in the interface, and should more or less be invisible.
Eliminating these dialogs, and the crop tool's pop-up, are high priorities for
2.4 as far as I am concerned. Kevin, you might like them, but as someone who
regularly gives tutorials in the GIMP to people, and one of the most common
tasks is reframing or rotating a bad photo, these dialogs are completely
confusing, and most people don't want them.


Dave Neary
Lyon, France
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